Jehovah's Wind

Jehovah's Wind

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June 28th 2023

An investigator unwillingly thrown into the search for a missing teenager must try to thwart an obsessive man from exploiting captured Nazi technology to achieve a twisted ambition…


It is the mid-summer of 1970, and Jack Sangster, special investigator for a philanthropic organisation dedicated to aiding troubled youngsters, and with a sleuthing talent for finding missing children, has been sent to a remote Dartmoor hotel, where a local boy has disappeared.


Already suspicious that the government is taking too intense an interest in the case, Sangster only becomes more apprehensive when the boy’s father, a scientist at a secretive nuclear facility, seems oddly indifferent to his son’s disappearance.


And as the case unfolds, this dilemma, a link to his own wartime past, as well as the evidence of his own eyes, all combine to conquer Sangster’s natural cynicism and bring home the implications of a discovery that could literally ‘change everything’.


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English locations of Jehovah's Wind

An excerpt from 'Jehovah's Wind'.

The gloom grew as the road gained height, winding up from Plymouth towards the high moorland. Houses became fewer with each bend I drove around, until only fields and woodlands lay either side, and what had been a sunny afternoon in the coastal town was now overcast, the air thick with mist.

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Irish locations of Jehovah's Wind

An excerpt from 'Jehovah's Wind'.

“I guess you’re right, Phil,” I said, looking across Donegal Bay towards the River Erne’s windswept estuary as the Mammoth, the world’s largest floating crane, groaned under the weight of its as-yet-unseen undersea charge.

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  • ISBN: 9781915853042