Jehovah's Wind

Jehovah's Wind

We are delighted to announce that Jack Sangster's newest adventure, Jehovah's Wind, will be published on June the 28th. This time, our special investigator is in Devon hunting a missing teenager amongst the gloom and beauty of Dartmoor. And whilst we're not giving way any spoilers, it's fair to say that in this wild and illusory place Sangster finds an awful lot more than he bargained for!

During the lead up to publication we'll be posting information about the inspirations for the story in our Beyond the Mystery section. Pages describing the English and Irish settings of Jehovah's Wind are already up, so have a look if you would like to get a pre-publication taste of Sangster's latest destinations.

You will soon be able to  pre-order Jehovah's Wind from our The Bookshop section. We also have some summer book signings planned, so if you are in the area of one of these signings at the time, why not come and meet us for a personalised first edition?

Welcome to the world of Lewis Hinton

If you like a detective thriller with period details, historical accuracy, quirky characters, fast paced plots, a tinge of the supernatural, and immersive settings, then you will love the Jack Sangster mysteries.  The series, which takes place in the late 1960's and early 1970's, features the cases of a special investigator with a sleuthing talent for finding missing children, and begins with ‘The Face Stone’, set in England's North West in 1969. The second, ‘Angel’s Blade’, taks place in Cornwall a year later, and the third, 'Jehovah's Wind', in Devon shortly after that. And whilst the novels feature a number of recurring characters, each book is a complete story in itself, so you don't need to read them in any particular order.


New Lewis Hinton novels are in the pipeline, including further adventures of Sangster, and we'll be announcing these as and when we can. 


You can keep up to date with Lewis’ social media, reviews, and upcoming events here, as well as accessing author extras, such as details of the locations, folklore, history, and other inspirations for the books that will only be available in Beyond the Mystery'.


Latest News

Summer book signing. We are pleased to announce a book signing on July the 14th (Bastille Day), at Niche Books in the beautiful Provençale town of Valbonne.

As well as personally signed copies of individual books, boxed sets of the three Sangster novels and other extras will also be available, as well as some great entertainment. More details to follow soon. 


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Autism awarness: Our Autism page is now live! This section of our web site is dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) awareness, and is planned to feature all sorts of stuff to do with ASD, from poems and other work by Lewis Hinton to events and charity links. The section already has some fascinating content, so why not have a look? 

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