Jehovah's Wind

Jehovah's Wind

... is now on the shelves!

This time, our special investigator Jack Sangster is in Devon hunting a missing teenager amongst the gloom and beauty of Dartmoor. And without giving away any spoilers, it's fair to say that in this wild and illusory place Sangster finds an awful lot more than he bargained for!

We are posting information about the inspirations for the story in our Beyond the Mystery section. Pages describing the English and Irish settings of Jehovah's Wind are already up to give you a taste of Sangster's latest destinations.

You can order a paperback or e-book copy of Jehovah's Wind from our The Bookshop section. 

Welcome to the world of Lewis Hinton

If you like a detective thriller with period details, historical accuracy, quirky characters, fast paced plots, a tinge of the supernatural, and immersive settings, then you will love the Jack Sangster mysteries.  The series, which takes place in the late 1960's and early 1970's, features the cases of a special investigator with a sleuthing talent for finding missing children, and begins with ‘The Face Stone’, set in England's North West in 1969. The second, ‘Angel’s Blade’, takes place in Cornwall a year later, and the third, 'Jehovah's Wind', in Devon shortly after that. And whilst the novels feature a number of recurring characters, each of the books is a complete story in itself, so you can read them in any order.


New Lewis Hinton works, such as movie scripts, poems, and novels, including further adventures of Sangster, are always in the pipeline, and we'll be announcing these as and when we can. 


You can keep up to date with Lewis’ social media, reviews, and upcoming events here, as well as accessing author extras, with details of the locations, folklore, history, and other inspirations for the books that will only be available in Beyond the Mystery'.



Latest News


'The Arrangement' screenplay: Lewis Hinton has recently completed a feature length film script for UK production company Triskelion Pictures Limited. The film, an historical 'noir' murder mystery, is based on a novella by Lewis Hinton, and is set in London and Luxembourg during the autumn of 1986. 


We recently attended the Cannes Film Festival, along with Leigh Ariana Trifari, the producer of The Arrangement. Interest in the film was high and we are now in the development phase, gathering cast, directors, crew, artwork, music, and so on, with a view to filming in 2025.


If you would like to know more about The Arrangement or other planned Lewis Hinton screenplays, please let us know via the Contact page and we'll be delighted to respond. 


More announcements to come, including a planned re-issue of the original The Arrangement novella to concide with the film's theatrical release...





'Tutu: Lewis Hinton has collaborated with French artist and author Claire Tostaine to write English language verses that accompany each painting in her illustrated children's book 'Tutu the wild goose explores the world.' The French and English e-versions of Tutu are already available, and the physical versions will be published soon. 


French Property News article: A piece by Lewis Hinton about life as an author living in the town of Grasse on the French Riviera can be found in the September/October 2023 edition of French Property News magazine. Please follow this link if you would like to read the article (which starts on Page 60): September/October ( 




Autism awarness: Our Autism page is now live! This section of our web site is dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) awareness, and is planned to feature all sorts of stuff to do with ASD, from poems and other work by Lewis Hinton to events and charity links. The section already has some fascinating content, so why not have a look?




Summer book signing

We would like to thank all the people and businesses that helped make our summer 2023 book signing at Niche Books in the beautiful Provençale town of Valbonne such a success.



Thank you everyone!


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Jehovah's Wind
Jehovah's Wind

28 Jun 2023

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Angel's Blade

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The Face Stone

28 Jun 2022

Recent Reviews

Having enjoyed The Face Stone and Angel's Blade, I was really looking forward to joining Jack Sangster on his next adventure, so pre-ordered Jehovah's Wind and waited excitedly for it to arrive in the post (I prefer paperbacks to e-books). I was not disappointed. Jehovah's Wind is a real page turner and really easy to read. The fast paced plot includes elements of history, folklore, and even fantastical science. As ever, Hinton effortlessly transports the reader back to the England of fifty…

I very much enjoyed reading this book, and it is certainly a page turner, told from the perspective of the lead character, Jack Sangster as he tries to find out what happened to a young man who has gone missing. As the story develops, we gain an appreciation of the charms of the Wirral in northern England (which is a hidden gem).

The book is set in the late sixties, and the writer captures the period's transition from the post war era to the swinging sixties.

An education inspector is not the protagonist I have come to expect in my thrillers/mysteries but this guy works. Somehow the author has created a period setting which makes sense to the modern reader, with characters, settings and issues which are all eminently relatable. Very interesting plot and there is something out of the ordinary in how the tale is told.

Another page turning Sangster adventure, with great characters, locations, history, folklore, and science

Sandy G.

Page Turner

Tom S Sime

Very interesting plot

Louise Gray

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