Showreel Sample

An originally scripted showreel is an excellent marketing tool for aspiring actors, and I will be very happy to hear from anyone interested in having a script tailored to their specific needs. Please email me at [email protected], or message me using our instagram page @lewishintontheauthor. 

This sample video is a professionally produced showreel I scripted for two young actors. Showreels are short films (often only two minutes long) actors use to promote themselves, and need to be tailored to the actor’s particular needs to best show off their talents, in this case strong emotion with Patrick and steady patience/persuasion/empathy with Steve.

Casting directors have said they tend to look at just the first 20 seconds of a showreel before deciding, so you have to move quickly with your dialogue. This gives us (mostly, but not always), no time for the long panning shots at the beginning that we might use to dramatic effect when introducing a longer scene.