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Angel's Blade

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October 28th 2022

A profound secret that echoes down the centuries is uncovered by a uniquely gifted girl, who in doing so jeopardises her own life and that of the only person who can protect her…

Spring, 1970. A beautiful and precociously talented pupil goes missing from a residential school in Cornwall; special investigator Jack Sangster is assigned to help local police find her.

At first nonplussed by the girl having apparently disappeared into thin air, Sangster gains an understanding of local people, legends and landscapes that helps him unravel mysteries far, far deeper than could have been imagined. Despite initial scepticism, he wonders…

Did events from two thousand years ago in this remote corner of Europe really have repercussions that might rock the very foundations of western society?

Governments on both sides of the iron curtain, and even hallowed religious institutions, certainly seem to think so. As pressure mounts from all sides, it will take all of Sangster’s skill and determination, as well as some luck, to discover the truth before it’s too late...


Customer reviews

Mixing a mystery with history is a great plot theme.

Brenda and Scott Widener (USA)

What did I like about this book?

  • The plot: Mixing a mystery with history is a great plot theme. 
  • The character: The protagonist is likeable and I got invested with his story and processing of clues. 
  • The students: Showing students that are not only gifted but could easily be on the autism spectrum being heroes and thought of in a positive light is a trend that I really appreciate.

What didn’t like about this book? The pacing had issues at time and some of the plot lines were a little unbelievable and far fetched.  But was it enough for me not to enjoy this book? No.

Who would like this book?  Readers of historical mystery thrillers.



A truly wonderful read

Trisha Brett

Second of the Sangster stories, Angels Blade was a delight, with twists and turns along the way. Personally, for me with my love of Cornwall, it transported me back to Truro, Bodmin Moor, Rough Tor, Brown Willy, Liskeard, Falmouth etc. It was so good to relate to the places I visited as a child. Some fantastic characters to remind me of people I met there, Pengelly, Morwenna, Sue Driver, and many more, whilst losing myself in familiar surroundings. Certainly a book to engross you. With every page I felt like I was in the story too, meeting the characters face to face, revisiting the places and interacting with the whole adventure... A truly wonderful read. I have a wonderful image of a debonair, handsome Jack Sangster and look forward to his next adventures. Hail to Lewis Hinton & Jack Sangster.

A masterclass in historical mysteries

Elizabeth Wroughton

Angel’s Blade is not just a book, to this reader, it’s a time machine to 1970s Cornwall, a thrilling mystery, and a deep dive into one’s supernatural faith, all wrapped into one. A beautifully spun tale, Hinton has written a world I wish I could visit. I yearn to sit in the Cassandra Arms for a pint of Cornwall’s finest bitter and take the ferry along the river with the colourful characters I’ve come to know in this story. I’m impressed by the level of the Cornish language in this book (that partially being based on how much I didn’t understand first read round!) and found it helped ensconce me in the landscape of the novel. My views of religion being disbelief, I was sceptical when the theme of Jesus was introduced. However, upon further delving into the book, it gave me the chance to revisit my biases and have an open mind to a frankly fascinating subject. Jesus in Cornwall? That’s news to me! A new batch of exciting characters, a story that had me guessing to the very end, and a lesson in ancient history, all make for a fascinating read.

Book Extracts

Some background on the cars, bikes, boats, and trains in Angel’s Blade

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

“You are Jack Sangster, owner of this green E-Type?”

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Locations of Angel’s Blade (real and imagined)

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

And the view was spectacular, the hotel looking out over the tidal tree-lined T-shaped confluence of the Truro and Tresillian Rivers, which formed a larger channel that curved out of sight to the south---

--- I had watched this scene change with the passing of winter and the greening of spring, and rain, wind or shine, there was always something different to see.


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Angel' nine tailed fish tattoo

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

Angel had done a stylised pen and ink drawing of a fish, but her fish looked somehow wrong. I stared at its downturned mouth, exaggerated spiky fins, and curved form for a moment before realising it had multiple tails, which when I counted them up (three times as they were tangled together and hard to tally), totalled nine.

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Animals of Angel's Blade (neither real or imagined, but cryptids)

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

“You don’t look like an unknown animal tracker...”

"’s a long-time passion of mine. I read the first edition of that book of Heuvelmans’ while I was still up at Cambridge, and it really did it for me.”

“You studied that cryptozoology stuff then?”

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Pre-Columbian Transatlantic Travel?

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

“You know of Piri Reis?”

“You had a book on him in your room.”

“I did, didn’t I,” she laughed. “Well, his maps of the New World were based on much older ones I’m sure..."

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Angel Blackwood's Bad Crossing line drawing

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

‘Bad crossing over the River Fal at high tide, April 1970’

...was written underneath, followed by the initials ‘AB’.

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A little about the languages Sangster hears in Angel’s Blade

An excerpt from 'Angel's Blade'.

“Speaking the old language, she was,” he said to me, cheeks flushed as he rushed off down the corridor. “The old language I tell you, Mr Sangster, thought it was forgotten by youngsters till I heard her talking.”

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